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 Deck to Your House

A deck is a flat surface, which is elevated from the ground and connected to a building. Decks are a perfect place for you and your family to spend some time outdoors. They not only allow you to relax and entertain but also increase the functionality and appeal of your home. There are a variety of styles and materials to choose from. A pressure treated wood decks can be a great option if you are on a budget while Cedar and Composite provide a much nicer look and finish. While the latter are slightly more expensive, they do require less maintenance and are more resistant to moisture.

At Bond Contracting & Construction Inc, we design custom decks for your outdoor living space that complement your unique lifestyle. We use quality materials and railing systems that ensure your new deck withstands even the most severe weather conditions for a long time. Advantages of Adding a Deck We have listed a few benefits of adding a deck to your house below:

  • Increases Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal You can get creative while designing your deck. Select from an extensive range of materials, colours and patterns to create the space you always wanted. You can also decorate your deck according to the season by adding lights, flowers and more.

  • Ideal for Family Events A deck is a perfect outdoor space for entertaining. You can host family dinners, barbecues, birthday parties and more. It is a very comfy place to enjoy the weather as deck furniture is much more comfortable than lawn chairs. It also provides you with a space to hang out during the warmer months.

  • Adds Value to Your House Adding a deck that blends to the exterior can be a great way to enhance your home’s appeal. It is a sought-after feature by most potential homebuyers. It adds dimension to your yard, increasing your outdoor living space, property’s value and desirability.

  • Offers Extra Space As an additional usable space for your family, you can set up your grill, patio dining tables or place your potted plants in this area. You can also use it for storage; the area underneath the deck can be used to store things.

Adding a deck can be the fastest option to increase the functionality and comfort of your home. Deck construction requires lesser time than other home additions which may take weeks. At Bond Contracting & Construction Inc, we have been providing premium home renovations to our clients in Calgary for over two decades. Whether you want to get your kitchen, bathroom or basement renovated, we can help. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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