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Before a Home Renovation

Starting on a home improvement project in Calgary can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to ensure that it goes well. At Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., we've been providing custom renovations in Calgary for over 18 years, and we've put together a list of things that homeowners should consider beforehand for a smooth and successful renovation.

1) Your Budget Before jumping headfirst into your home improvement project in Calgary, you should sit down, go over your finances, and set a realistic budget. Some People make changes or additions along the way so keep this in mind when setting a budget. 2) Your Time A home renovation will impact your day-to-day life for 4 to 6 or even 8 weeks or more, so consider whether your current schedule and commitments will comfortably allow for this. 3) Your Expectations When planning renovations to your Calgary home, it can be easy to get carried away. Setting a solid budget is one of the best ways to temper your expectations and tackle only the renovations that you can realistically manage right now. Consider renovating in stages rather than trying to do everything at once. 4) The Future How long do you plan to stay in your home? If you see yourself possibly selling in the not-so-distant future, then you may want to consider a kitchen or a bathroom remodel. If you plan to stay for the long term, then perhaps a complete main floor or a basement development or basement renovation might be a better idea. 5) Your Focus When renovating your home, it is important to focus on more than just its cosmetic features. Correcting any plumbing or electrical issues at the same time will save you money and stress in the future. 6) Design Trends It's okay to take some inspiration from current design trends, but going a little too bold or too different with your renovation can make your home more difficult to sell in the future. It's best to stick with slightly more timeless and enduring designs. 7) Measurements Before purchasing any materials, pieces of furniture, or major appliances, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by taking accurate measurements first. You can always make a return but it'll be a lot less stressful to get it right the first time. 8) Your Home's Exterior Most renovations in Calgary focus on the interior of the home, but you should give your home's exterior some thought as well. Enhancing your home's exterior with a new deck or new fencing can increase its appeal, value, and functionality. 9) The Process Home renovations are completed in stages. Knowing what to expect during a renovation can help you plan ahead and better manage your budget and your time. 10) Your Choice of Contractor Finally, one of the most important components of a successful Calgary home improvement project is a trusted, reliable and reputable contractor. Trying to do it all yourself or hiring an unlicensed contractor for the job can create many issues and negate any potential savings. You can trust Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. to see you through the entire home renovation project, from the design stage through to a complete clean-up. Our home improvement team guarantees quality workmanship and excellent customer service to every client. We provide the following types of home renovations in Calgary:

  • Kitchen renovations

  • Bathroom renovations

  • Basement renovations

  • Basement developments

  • Main floor renovations

  • Complete home renovations

  • Deck and fence building

If you have any more questions about home renovations or home improvement in Calgary or about the services we provide, just contact Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. today.


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