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bathroom renovations

Most homeowners avoid bathroom renovations because of the cost involved. But, redesigning your old bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Renovation costs usually depend on the scope of your project and budget. Smart design ideas can help you save money on your renovations. If you are looking for custom bathroom renovations in Calgary, rely on Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. For 20 years, we have been providing interior renovations including bathroom, basement and kitchen renovations and exterior renovations such as decks and fences to our clients.

Here are six tips to save money on your bathroom renovation: 1. Plan Your Budget Develop a plan and decide on a budget, taking your needs and lifestyle into consideration. Plan each aspect of your bathroom renovation based on your budget. Estimates must include factors such as type of shower base (tile or acrylic), type of shower door (retail or custom), use of shower (membrane or no membrane), vanity, countertop & fixtures. With a budget in place, you can remodel your bathroom without having to worry about unexpected expenses. 2. The Need to Move Fixtures Moving fixtures such as sink, toilet or shower will cost you extra money and render your bathroom out of service for a few days. Keep your plumbing fixtures in place, if possible, and make renovations around them. 3. Hire a Professional Professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to turn your vision into a reality. Hiring a contractor will help you avoid many design & Construction mistakes. 4. Choose Affordable Tile Options Tiles are a popular choice for renovations as they are durable and easy to clean. Installing them will help you save money in the long run. Though designer tiles are available, your contractor can recommend creative low-cost tile options that increase the aesthetics of your bathroom. Some factors to consider when installing tile in your bathroom are:

  • Install tiles in areas which are used often (shower, backsplashes or floors)

  • Ensure you choose the right tile size

5. Bathroom Vanities Upgrade or replace your vanity and the type of countertop to use. Some other tips to remodel your vanity are:

  • Use of granite, quartz, porcelain or a laminate countertop

  • Upgrade your dated vanity hardware with the latest one for a modern and sleek look

  • Will a standard retail type of vanity fit the space or does it need to be Custom built?

6. Consider Lighting Options Choose lighting options that complement the natural lighting of your place. You will need lighting fixtures above vanity and between mirrors. If you looking for functional lights (makeup, shaving), consider lighting options that don’t cast shadows. For decorative lighting, go for dimmer switches and hanging lights. Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. provides comprehensive bathroom renovations in Calgary. We also offer reliable basement renovation, kitchen renovation and home improvement services. Contact us today for a bathroom renovation in Calgary.


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