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Move or Renovate

“Should I move or renovate?” Virtually every homeowner grapples with this dilemma at some point in their life. If you haven’t yet been in this situation, it may just be a matter of time.

Advice from Basement Remodeling and Renovation Experts in Calgary Consider the facts: if you have started a family, it will grow. Even if that does not happen, you will one day own more stuff than you currently have. You may also need extra space for a home office, an entertainment room or a bedroom for your seniors who may want to move in with you as they age. When that happens, the place that you once deemed perfect will no longer be sufficient. While moving homes may be a strong consideration, it is never an easy option. The stress, expense and effort involved with moving can be overwhelming for most of us. Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., a leading basement remodelling company in Calgary strongly recommends that you opt for basement renovations or remodelling rather than moving, for two reasons.

  1. The first is that you most likely have a strong emotional attachment to your home. The reasons are easy to understand—you love it, you live in a great neighbourhood or you have good friends for neighbours. You may buy a better home, but you may never fully replace the sentimental value of your current home.

  2. The second reason is financial. It is more likely that you will incur less expense on renovating your house to meet your current space demands than selling it and acquiring another house. This is because the real estate market is volatile; prices fluctuate drastically and the demand-supply ratio is frequently imbalanced. There is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your home and move to a bigger place in a better or even a similar neighbourhood. The convenience of your current location may also be a huge deterrent from moving further away and forsaking the amenities you currently enjoy.

Easy Ways to Upsize Your Calgary Home – Start with a Basement Renovation! Whether you have an unfinished basement or a finished one that has not been updated since you bought your home, this is one area that can add space, property value and convenience. From solving your storage issues to providing a welcoming recreation space, to making room for an extra family member, your basement is very likely to be an under-utilized section that has immense potential. Here are some simple ideas on how your basement remodelling or renovation project can resolve your space problems and boost your property value:

  • You can turn your basement into that extra bedroom and add a bathroom that you so badly need for your grown kids, visitors or houseguests.

  • If you recently started working from home, your basement can be the ideal location for your home office or study.

  • Another common space problem that your basement can solve is a family’s need for a leisure room. It can be remodelled to host your home theatre, install an inviting wine cellar and bar, or to be a recreation room for your kids. From air hockey to foosball to a pool table, and more, you can have fun with friends and family without disturbing the order of your day-to-day functioning in the home.

  • From summer patio furniture to winter sports gear to fall decorations and holiday festive décor, you can have an organized and efficient space to store everything neatly in your remodelled basement.

  • Even if you want to move, you can still go ahead and renovate your basement to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your home.

  • Lastly, you can renovate your basement and rent it out to bring in some additional income. If other areas of your home need remodelling or renovation, the rent from your updated basement will come in handy. You can start thinking about renovations for your kitchen, bathroom and even some custom renovations such as balconies and room additions.

You can create amazing spaces in your underused basement to solve an urgent need for more space. All you need to do is identify your specific needs and get in touch with a trusted local contractor to make it happen. For Calgary basement renovations, contact Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. Our specialty is to transform idle and underused basements into incredibly beautiful spaces. Not sure what you want to see in your basement remodelling project? We can help! Connect with us online today or give us a call at 403-271-3501 to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable team of basement remodelling experts in Calgary.


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