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Have you been wanting to transform that under-used space in your basement into something truly amazing and fully functional, but can’t commit to the stress-inducing idea of a home renovation?

It’s true, remodelling is intimidating; it requires a bit of money, time and some inconvenience. Done right, however, your basement renovation can significantly increase the value of your home and improve your living accommodations tenfold. Your partner for home improvement in Calgary, Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. is committed to creating that living space you’ve always dreamed of; we specialize in smart renovation solutions and custom designs fit for your family’s unique lifestyle needs. Why Renovate Your Basement? A basement renovation is a good way to transform forgotten, wasted space into a new area for leisure; for example, a home theatre, an exercise room, craft room or that man-cave that hubby has always wanted. Say goodbye to bulky bunk beds and cramped furniture! Remodelling your basement is also a great way to increase living space to accommodate your growing family. By adding a bedroom & bathroom in the basement, you’ll alleviate your upstairs rooms from their congested milieu.

  • Smart Renovation Tips: With years of experience providing custom renovation solutions to Calgary homeowners, Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. can maximize your investment with innovative designs and valuable industry know-how. Consider these smart renovation tips to make the most out of your home improvement project:

  • Invest in modern updates: Don’t neglect the finer details! Replacing your light fixtures, flooring doors & trim with new versions can greatly enhance the overall appeal of your basement.

  • Choose improvements with long life expectancy: These improvements are less about style and more about utility. Replacing or repairing your windows, plumbing and ventilation system with more sophisticated, energy-efficient models will contribute to a healthy return on investment. Insider tip: energy-efficient upgrades are said to have the highest paybacks.

  • Add more living space: Including a bedroom and a bathroom in your basement is a sure way to increase the value of your home, while catering to your family’s current lifestyle needs.

  • Invest in the right contractor: The best way to avoid unnecessary mistakes and costly setbacks is to hire a professional. Make sure your contractor has a current understanding of industry trends and knows how to translate your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs into a beautiful and functional design.

If you put enough emphasis on the planning phase and take into consideration all of the smart remodelling tips outlined above, then a custom basement renovation is definitely worth the investment. At Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., we’re committed to creating an environment that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and secure. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next construction project in Calgary—we’ll take the stress out of any renovation project!


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