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basement renovations

It’s time to reinvent the unused spaces of your house. Basement renovations have gained popularity over the past few years. You can transform your basement into a great new living space with a recreational room, bedroom, bathroom & even a home office. If you haven’t been using your basement to its fullest potential, it’s time to transform it into a place you can use every day.

Bond Contracting & Construction Inc. can help you make your property beautiful and functional. Whether you are looking for kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, basement renovations, full home renovations or exterior renovation, we can do it for you. Our creative designer and staff work together to deliver quality new spaces. Top 6 Basement Trends in 2020 This year, transform your basement into a functional space: 1. Bathroom You can either opt for a traditional tub or a shower to compliment this new space, a vanity & toilet. 2. Rec room You have the opportunity to transform your empty basement into a tranquil space. The basement can be an excellent place to spend time with your family. Decorate the space and place comfortable furniture wherever you want. Create an area that has a positive energy and can bring people together. 3. Home gym Health is a primary concern for many people these days. Everyone is willing to put in the effort and time required to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Gyms are a great place to work-out and stay motivated but the hustle of daily life may keep you from going to the gym regularly. Don’t worry; you can add a gym area into your basement development. Get some equipment and exercise whenever you get the time. Now, you don’t have to plan and schedule your gym timings. You can work out at your own pace. 4. Home office You can add an office space in your basement. It will give you the leverage to have a relaxing and cozy place to focus and get all your work done. You can design and decorate your workspace according to your preference. 5. Recreational space Most often, living rooms are the primary lounging space of the house. But, if you need a place where you can relax without having to share the space with anybody, the basement might come in handy. You can transform your basement into a warm and pleasant area, with furniture and accessories of your choice. Such basement renovations are budget-friendly and attractive. 6. Bedroom If you don’t have an extra bedroom to accommodate your family and friends, the best thing to do is to add that extra bedroom in the basement. Bond Constructing and Construction Inc. can help you develop, renovate or remodel your basement. Contact us for basement renovations!


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