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kitchen renovation calgary

The cost of kitchen renovation in Canada can reach up to $30,000 or more. So, when you're putting down that kind of money, you'll want to make it worth it - and that could mean a bigger kitchen. But you may not have the space to actually increase the size of your kitchen. So, how do you get a kitchen that looks bigger than it is? Read on to learn about the top kitchen renovation ideas to make your kitchen bigger.

Bring In More Light

One of the simplest ways to make your kitchen feel bigger is to add lighter to the room. You can switch out your current setup for pendant lighting or portlights. Natural light is also a good choice - so if you have heavy curtains in your kitchen, you may want to switch them out with nice blinds instead to let more light from the sun into your home. Shinier materials will also make your kitchen look larger since they reflect light. White cabinets, backsplash tile & countertops in materials like quartz can really help open up your space. Use Lighter Colors

Dark walls can make your kitchen seem smaller than it actually is. So, consider switching out your dark colors for a lighter color scheme when you're renovating a kitchen. Painting your walls and trim is one obvious and easy change you can make. You can also switch out your backsplash tile. And, stay away from contrasting colors when you're trying to make a space look better. Instead, you should try and use colors that are as similar as possible. White is always a good option. If you'd like something a little more interesting, you can go for a pale grey or a pastel shade instead. Add More Storage

If you have appliances or other items all over your kitchen counters, it can make your kitchen seem cluttered. Adding more storage during your kitchen renovations will give you more room to maneuver while getting rid of clutter shrinking your kitchen. Changing up your cabinets is one of the easier ways to add more storage. Making your cabinets higher so that they reach the ceiling will also make your kitchen look bigger overall. A good kitchen designer can work with you to figure out the best cabinet setup for your home. You can extend your pantry space, too. Adding shelving to your pantry doors is one great way to get your spices out of the way. Or, if you have any free wall space, you can add open shelving so that you'll have everything you need close at hand. Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Get Started Today

With these kitchen renovation ideas, you'll have a larger and better kitchen in no time at all. But you'll need the right company to help you achieve your kitchen renovation goals. Are you looking for contracting and construction services in Calgary? Request a quote from Bond Contracting and Constructing Inc. today.



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