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kitchen renovation calgary

Did you know kitchen renovations can be fairly quick & easy? They're relatively affordable in comparison to other renovations, the results can have huge impact on your lifestyle, and you can have your dream kitchen and a great renovation will give you years of function and durability. You deserve a kitchen that suits your lifestyle, so you're getting ready to renovate, right? Not so fast; make sure you've considered every factor before you commit. We're here to discuss a few things that everyone should consider before they start renovating a kitchen. Read on to learn more.

1. Your Ideal Kitchen Workflow

This is something that many people don't consider before they start their kitchen renovation project. They focus more on aesthetics than functionality. While it's great to have a stylish kitchen that you love spending time in, remember that your kitchen is primarily for cooking. Spend time studying your current kitchen workflow and try to determine your pain points and the things you like. For example, do you feel like you don't have counter space where you need it most? Do you never have room for the small appliances that you use every day? This is something you can easily fix when you renovate the kitchen. 2. Storage Needs

Some kitchens have an abundance of cabinet and pantry storage, but some modern kitchens don't. If you're always struggling to find space for your cooking supplies and non-perishables, it's time to increase your storage space! There are several ways to do this. First, large wall pantry cabinets and drawers are game-changers if you don't have them already. We also love the idea of adding a kitchen island if you have the space for it. This way, you get extra counter space, an eating area, and storage all in one. 3. Your Future Appliances

When you renovate your kitchen, you have the opportunity to upgrade all of your appliances. Take advantage of it! Have you always wanted a 5-burner stove? What about a dishwasher to make your life easier? Maybe you want a built-in microwave to save counter space. You can dream as big as your budget allows. A great kitchen design should be able to fit in the appliances that you want. 4. Your Budget

Speaking of your budget, make sure you know your financial limitations before you commit to a renovation project. Kitchen renovation projects can get expensive. Make a list of wants and needs that you can discuss with the renovation company. They can give you an estimate and help you determine what's realistic. 5. Your Lighting

This is going to seem minor, but it makes a big difference. Consider how you want your lighting to change when you're doing your renovation project. Trade your dim built-in lighting for something more interesting. Have you always wanted stylish pendant lights & potlights in the kitchen? What about extra lighting around the cabinets? Renovating a Kitchen? Consider These Things First

When you're renovating a kitchen, you have the opportunity to make it everything that you've ever wanted (as far as your budget allows). Make sure to spend plenty of time planning so you can have a kitchen that suits your workflow, storage needs, appliance needs, and more. At Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., we have the expertise to create the kitchen of your dreams. Request a quote so we can start discussing your project today.



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