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Basement Development

Few home improvement projects come with the extensive benefits offered by a basement development in Calgary, especially if you decide to work with the professionals at Bond Contracting and Construction Inc.

Whether you are thinking about finishing a basement or upgrading an outdated basement that you don't get much existing use out of, there are many good reasons to get a start on the project, including: 1) Increased Home Value Homeowners often choose a basement development in Calgary because they see an opportunity for a great return on investment. A finished basement almost always increases the overall value of a home by increasing its finished square footage. A finished or a renovated basement will make your home more appealing to potential home buyers, as it represents a project that they will not have to undertake themselves. 2) Additional Living Space Keep in mind that your choice to renovate your basement should be based on your own enjoyment of the basement rather than solely on a potential increase in home value. A basement development in Calgary does just that by providing homeowners with additional living space that may even rival the size of their main floor. You can turn your remodelled basement into an entertainment or exercise space, an office, craft room or games room enhancing your enjoyment of your home. 3) Additional Bedrooms Alternatively or in addition to renovating for more shared living space, you can renovate your basement in order to increase the number of bedrooms in your home. This is a great option for a growing family. Rather than seeking a new property, you can work with a company providing a basement development in Calgary and simply add more bedrooms to your existing home. 4) Design Freedom Most renovation projects are fairly limited in terms of the freedom you have to design the layout and overall look of the space. With a basement development, however, you get a lot of say in the layout and flow of the space. Perhaps you would like to add a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom, or a bedroom and a second living room, or a giant playroom for the kids. As long as your basement has enough space, you can turn it into whatever you want. 5) Opportunity for Additional Income If you have enough space, then you may even want to consider using your basement development project as an opportunity to build a secondary suite, providing you with long-term financial gain and stability. Renting out a secondary suite can help you to quickly recoup the cost of the renovation and cover a good deal of your monthly mortgage expenses as well. A house with a ready-made secondary suite will also have a higher resale value. Custom Basement Renovations in Calgary Save yourself the time and stress that often comes with a basement development in Calgary by hiring a professional basement renovation company such as Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. right off the bat. Our custom basement development services will transform your unfinished or unused basement into a liveable space that contributes to the overall value of your home. If you have any more questions about our basement development in Calgary, just contact Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. today.


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