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Close your eyes and imagine the kitchen of your dreams. Do you see yourself in a cozy country setting or an open luxury modern kitchen design? When planning a kitchen remodel, the ideal design fulfills your dreams by incorporating efficient space utilization into an elegant renovation.

Not all luxury kitchens are large enough to hold the entire hockey team but don't let that discourage you. You can pack a punch into a small area with the proper layout.

Learn more about kitchen trends that create a luxurious, eye-catching food prep area here.

Features of a Luxury Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen trends include eye-catching surfaces, stunning lighting, and details that increase function and comfort. Luxury kitchens feature metallic elements that glimmer and shine. Everything from overhead lighting, bar stools, hanging pot racks, and decorative accents play off the lighting, making the kitchen reflect your taste.

Create cozy family seating with a kitchen island table. The step-down island extension allows seating on comfortable dining chairs, perfect for breakfast with the kids or a quick lunch.

Add an extra taste of luxury with a cascading waterfall stone slab countertop over the ends of the island. Selecting a slab with dramatic veining creates a one-of-a-kind look.

Illuminate areas you want to highlight using under cabinet fixtures for food preparation and overhead lighting with colour-changing and dimming features to create a mood. Consider highlighting one end with a sculptural light fixture for eye appeal if you have a large kitchen.


Modern kitchen remodels feature appliances that add visual appeal using aesthetic solutions. Dishwashers hidden in multiple drawers offer high energy efficiency. A chef-grade stove, range, and refrigerator make food preparation a breeze.

When designing your kitchen remodel, a walk-in pantry is essential. You can have it custom-fit with shelves and drawers to store all your pantry staples. Custom-designed shelving in the main kitchen area provides elegance with corner shelves and roll-out food prep areas.

Flooring Trends

Homeowners are embracing texture and colour for their 2024 decorating upgrades. A desire to connect with nature brings warm oak tones from eco-friendly materials to the forefront. Flooring that supports constant use with various patterns and colour choices provides the updated kitchen look you need.

Vinyl plank flooring is one way to add this trendy look to your kitchen. The waterproof vinyl flooring is cut into planks that mimic the look of wood, making them an excellent choice for the kitchen.

Determine Needs

Kitchen renovation in Calgary is fun and easy. The first step is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much counter space and cabinets do I need?

  • What kind of flooring and countertops do I want?

  • What special features do I want?

  • What type of lighting do I want?

Special features may be an island with a second sink, bar seating, cookbook shelving or more. Let your imagination create the ultimate kitchen, then contact Bond Contracting and Construction, Inc. for an estimate. 

Hire a Professional

Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. has served the Calgary area for over 20 years and can help you create the luxury modern kitchen design you envision.

We utilize a three-stage process that includes a pre-construction estimate, construction of your new kitchen, and a post-construction final quality-check walk-through. Review some of our kitchen renovations or call 403-271-3501 to schedule a free consultation.



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