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Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., your premier partner in basement development in Calgary, is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that seamlessly blend creativity and strategic planning. Our team of Calgary renovation professionals is committed to understanding your vision and ensuring the suitable layout, function, and design for your basement renovation project.


At Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., we prioritize thoroughly discussing all aspects of your basement development, mapping out and planning every detail from lighting and plumbing to flooring and fixtures. Our thorough approach lets us provide you with a precise quotation before the project commences, giving you peace of mind that your renovation will be completed on time and within budget.

If you're in the market for a new basement space, we are here to help. Our services encompass everything from creating a fully functional living space in your basement to modernizing your recreational space. Perhaps you're considering a cozy fireplace, a stylish wet bar, or structural reinforcement – we excel in many improvements to enhance your basement.

We are the go-to choice for those looking to add value to their homes through basement development in Calgary. Our experienced team is well-versed in delivering quality workmanship and attention to detail. Contact us for more information on our home addition or basement development services.


Some frequently asked questions regarding basement development in Calgary are

What Are the Benefits of Developing My Basement?

A developed basement provides additional space to relax, host games, set up an in-house gym or an activity area for the kids, and add value to your property.

How Much Will It Cost to Develop My Basement?

Although the cost of developing your basement can be anywhere from $30,000 and up, an average basement development job in Calgary is likely to cost around $45,000. Depending upon the nature of the work required for a fully developed basement or to renovate your basement, we can provide you with an accurate quote. You can rest assured that we strive to complete the renovation within the agreed cost. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote.


What Would Be the First Step in Remodeling My Basement?

Calling and organizing a full visit from our design team is the first step. They'll devise a layout that maximizes space while maintaining the basement's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Read our blog to learn more about our previous projects.


How Will I Determine Which Layout Is Ideal for My Space?

Our highly qualified designers will combine your ideas with their knowledge to create the ideal design to make the most of the space in your basement.


How Long Do You Think It'll Take?

Conventional construction typically takes 6-8 weeks, while more sophisticated projects may take longer. We will provide you with a schedule estimate at the time of quotation. Reach out to us to book an appointment today.


Do You Handle City Inspections and Permits?

Our renovations are properly permitted and inspected; the cost is factored into the quoted pricing.



The benefits of basement development in Calgary are

  • Maximized living space: Basement development allows you to make the most of the available square footage in your home. Transforming your basement into a functional living area, such as a cozy family room, a home office, or an entertainment space, provides additional room for your family to enjoy.

  • Increased property value: A professionally developed basement significantly contributes to the overall value of your property. Potential buyers often see a finished basement as a valuable addition, making your home more appealing in the real estate market.

  • Cost-effective expansion: Basement development is a cost-effective way to expand your living space compared to building an addition. Utilizing existing space helps you save on construction costs while considerably increasing functional area.

  • Versatile functionality: The options for your basement are virtually endless. Whether you picture a home gym, a playroom for the kids, or a guest suite, the versatility of a developed basement ensures it adapts to your evolving needs.

  • Customization to fit your needs: Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. understands the importance of tailoring your basement to meet your requirements. From customized storage solutions to unique design elements, our experts work closely with you to create a space that suits your lifestyle.


At Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., we have the expertise to perform any development or renovation project in the most minimally invasive manner. We can provide a unique design depending on your construction requirements and the job scale. Whether you want to create a private family space to host small gatherings or an intimate, relaxing area, we can help you make an aesthetic room that combines utility and functionality. Call us to learn more about our basement development services in Calgary.



You should hire us for basement development in Calgary because

  • Experience and expertise
    Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. brings years of experience catering to diverse clients in Calgary. Our expertise is crafting designs that precisely match our client's requirements and aspirations.

  • Transparent cost estimates
    We provide clients with fair and transparent cost estimates following a thorough project assessment. Our commitment to transparency ensures that clients clearly understand the financial aspects before the project commences.

  • Time and budget commitment
    Our dedicated staff is committed to completing development or renovation projects within the agreed-upon time frame and budget. Clients can trust us to manage their basement projects efficiently and effectively, delivering results that meet their satisfaction.

  • Client satisfaction
    The quality of our services is attested by a broad clientele across Calgary, with their testimonials serving as a resounding endorsement. When clients entrust their basement projects to Bond Contracting and Construction Inc., they can rest assured that the job will be executed satisfactorily.

Call us today for a fair and transparent quote.



We can provide basement development services to revamp your basement per your needs and desires.

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